Death to Bureaucracy

Nursing your poor, aching crown

Step away from the protocol
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Are you a victim of bureaucracy?

Do you hate filling in forms?

Does the word "supervisor" cause your eye to involuntarily twitch?

Have you explained your problem so many times that you repeat it in your sleep?

Are you thinking of brutally slaughtering the next person to put you on hold?

Is your job made needlessly difficult by an absurdly impractical company policy thought up by some coke-addled executive desperate to bluff his way to a promotion?

We see your pain, visitor.

Join us

You've found us, friend. Welcome. We feel your frustration, and can provide a place to ease it. Tell us about your experiences. Perhaps your bank charged you £50 for a 40p overdraught. Perhaps your tax credit application was inexplicably misplaced. Perhaps you had to pacify a mile-long queue because only your cretinous manager is allowed to open the till. Whatever went wrong, you can be sure that somewhere along the way, a bureaucrat was involved.

You are not alone.

Everybody is affected by corporate pettiness at some point, but you don't even need an epic tale of triplicate-filling, letter-writing and constant, circular phone calls in order to join - we are watchful here for even the smallest instance of obstructive officialism, and will share your indignation and despair gladly. With any luck, you may even find a shady contact from within the very body that oppresses you, and through your communication find the key to your foe's undoing. That is the world we strive for.

Perhaps you are a bureaucrat, or know somebody who is. Do not be ashamed. We aim to improve society for everyone, no matter how much of a terrified, sycophantic drone they may have been. We can help you find peace of mind without filling in a single form, and learn to overcome your problems without even waiting for any signatures. You'll be amazed at the things you can achieve when you just put down the forms, abandon the protocols, spurn the policy and just have a think about things before applying the most effective solution.

Join us, friend. We can free you.